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Unlocking Student Potential through Data-Driven Education


Empower educators to make data-driven decisions that improve students’ success.

Edulogika is a Data Analytics/AI company specialized in the Education Industry. Our customers in the Education Industry may range from administrative government (e.g. States' Educational Departments), School Administration (e.g. Headmaster, etc.) to front line teachers. Our solutions empowers educators with AI-powered algorithms that will help them improve student outcomes by providing data driven student insights and hyper-personalized learning experiences that address the unique needs of individual students and entire classrooms.


Meet Our Team

Nestor V. Figueroa


Paulo Martínez

Subject Matter Expert

Meredith Lewis

Product Manager

Oscar Galeano

Product Delivery

Luis Cuadrado Atanacio

Product Owner

Grecia Perez Malave

Wizello Technical Lead 

Diego Carbajal

Platform Technical Lead 

Diana Ramirez

Consulting & Talent Development Manager

Amarilis Vazquez

Portfolio Manager

Emmanuel Garcia

Lead of Algorithm 

Fernando Guzman

Lead of Data 

Oscar Garcia

Lead of Applications

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