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Empower Teachers with the wizardry of Data

Wizello Platform

An AI-powered data Wizard for teachers, providing insights and recommendations to help teachers fast-track student learning 

Our Features

Expand Teacher Impact through Actionable Data 

Daily Alerts and Insights 

Receive actionable alerts to changes in attendance, grades, assessments and more, so you can provide real-time interventions for your students and classrooms ​

Dynamic Planning Tools 

Leverage current and historical data to identify and incorporate prerequisite skills into small groups and classroom instruction, giving all students access to grade level content regardless of their starting point 

Comprehensive Student Profiles 

See a complete picture of each of your students, so you can better understand and act on their needs in consideration of the whole child​

Data-empowered Grouping Tool 

Leverage comprehensive student data to instantly create both targeted and dynamic instructional groups that are tailored to your instructional goals ​

Make Every Classroom Extraordinary 

We equip teachers, from novice to experts, with the data to boost student learning. With Wizello as your data ally, teachers can adapt instantly to classroom needs.

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