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Integrated Educational Data Repository

OneEd is an enterprise data store built to integrate and unify education data assets into a single, cleaned, integrated data repository.

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OneEd Solution

OneEd addresses two primary challenges: data integration and management, as well as data analysis and interpretation. We address these issues by eliminating data fragmentation, ensuring a consistent version of the truth, and making data more accessible and actionable. This approach helps drive improvement and supports student success.

Services Integrated to OneEd

Our platform provides comprehensive reports and dashboards covering various aspects of educational institutions. These include enrollment trends, dropout predictions, grading and assessment performance, attendance trends, and school safety patterns. Additionally, we offer insights into student mobility, college readiness analysis, staffing allocation, and resource utilization. Our system also supports financial analysis and compliance reporting to ensure schools meet regulatory requirements and make informed decisions.


Benefits of implementing OneEd:

Single Source of Truth

OneEd offers a single, reliable source of truth, enhancing data quality by consolidating information from various sources. This minimizes inconsistencies and allows for easier identification and rectification of data issues through standardized and validated processes.


OneEd features advanced analytics tools for customizable dashboards and predictive models, supports trend analysis with historical data storage, and offers a scalable data warehouse foundation to future-proof your organization against evolving data challenges and technologies.

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